Vintage Japan Satuma Handpainted Moriage Flower Vase 10

Vintage Japan Satuma Handpainted Moriage Flower Vase 10" Signed

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Absolutely Exquisite Antique Japanese Satsuma handpainted moriage flower vase.

This amazing piece features a central pink/peach color with royal blue accentuating the top, handles and bottom of the vase. The center has a very elaborate design with roses in the center bordered with gold lacquer and raised moriage lines. The next section features a yellow quilted pattern followed by moriage of dots and 4 motifs with flowers. The outer design of the centerpiece is a gallery of forest green and 4 yellow flowers. The reverse of the vase is just as beautiful with flowers and green filigree as well as small orange and blue wildflowers in the background. The handles are royal blue with a yellow banding of intricately painted flowers, clouds and swirls. The top of the vase features a scalloped edge. The bottom of the vase is signed in Kanji in red ink. There's also some additional markings in black on the inside rim, but it's faded too much to make out what it said.

The vase stands approximately 15.5" tall